Industrial Robotics at Nanoscale: Key Research Issues

Industrial Robotics at Nanoscale: Key Research Issues

Prof. Sergej Fatikow*


Prof. Sergej Fatikow
University of Oldenburg, Germany
Head, Division for MicroroboticsEngineering (AMiR)

Date:           Wednesday November 25, 2016
Time:          2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Location:   EIT 3142
Invited by: Professor R. Mansour


 Current research activities in AMiR focus on the industrial microrobotics and nanoscale automation. The areas of research include nanohandling robots and systems; automated nanohandling methods; robot control methods for nano positioning; fast vision feedback at nanoscale, etc. Prof.Fatikow introduces this rapidly developing research field, the motivation, the key research problems and industrial applications. He addresses the current work on an automated microrobot cell inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The latter serves as a powerful vision sensor and the works pace for nanohandling robots equipped with application-specific tools. Major components –the piezo driven nanohandling robots, the robot control system, and the fast vision feedback– are discussed. Finally, current research projects in AMiR and related industrial applications are outlined. They include automated assembly of nano-photonicstructures, nano-robotichandling of graphene, automated characterization of nanomaterials, and others.



Professor Sergej Fatikow studied electrical engineering and computer science at the Ufa Aviation Technical University in Russia, where he received his doctoral degree in 1988 with work on fuzzy control of complex nonlinear systems. During his work in Russia he published over 30 papers and received over 50 patents. In 1990 he moved to University of Karlsruhein Germany, where he initiated the new research field of microrobotics. He became an assistant professor in 1996 and received his habilitation at University of Karlsruhein 1999. In 2000 he accepted a professor position at the University Of Kassel, Germany. A year later, he established a new Division for Microrobotics and Control Engineering (AMiR) at the University Of Oldenburg, Germany. Since 2001 he is a full professor in the Department of Computing Science and Head of AMiR. His research interests include micro/nanorobotics, industrial robotics and automation at nanoscale, nanohandling inside SEM, AFM-based nanohandling, sensor feedback at nanoscale, and robot control. Dr. Fatikow has three books on Microsystem Technology, microrobotics and microassembly, robot based nanohandling, and automation at nanoscale, over 120 book chapters and journal papers and over 250 conference papers. 

* Photo source: University of Oldenburg, Germany.