IEEE Canada Seminar – An LTCC Decoupling Device for MIMO Antennas

An LTCC Decoupling Device for MIMO Antennas


Professor Ke-Li Wu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Date:           Wednesday June 1, 2016
Time:          2:00 PM – 3.00 PM
Location:   EIT – 3142
Invited by: Professor R. Mansour


 The Multiple‐Input‐Multiple‐Output (MIMO) technique has become one of the key technologies in today’s wireless communication systems as well as the future fifth generation mobile communication. Despite profound advantages of a MIMO technology, the compact size of a mobile terminal is an apparent limitation on the performance of MIMO antennas.
Since a strong mutual coupling and spatial correlation are inevitable, the total efficiency of antennas will be degraded and the highly correlated channel signals diminish the benefits of a MIMO system. Therefore, finding an effective solution to reduce the mutual coupling has become a major concern.



Ke‐Li Wu received the B.S. and M.Eng. degrees from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China, in 1982 and 1985, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from Laval University, Quebec, QC, Canada, in 1989. From 1989 to 1993. he was with the Communications Research Laboratory, McMaster University, as a Research Engineer and a Group Manager. In March 1993, he joined the Corporate R&D Division, COM DEV International, the largest Canadian space equipment manufacturer, where he was a Principal Member of Technical Staff. Since October 1999, he has been with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, where he is a Professor and the Director of the Radiaofrequency Radiation Research Laboratory (R3L).
He has authored or coauthored numerous publications in the areas of EM modeling and microwave passive components, microwave filter and antenna engineering. His current research interests include PEEC and DPEC electromagnetic modeling of high speed circuits, RF and microwave passive circuits and systems, synthesis theory and practices of microwave filters, antennas for wireless terminals, LTCC‐based multichip modules (MCMs), and RF identification (RFID) technologies.
Prof. Wu is a Fellow of IEEE, a member of IEEE MTT‐8 subcommittee (Filters and Passive Components) and also serves as a TPC member for many prestigious international conferences including International Microwave Symposium. He was an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on MTT from 2006 to 2009. He was the recipient of the 1998 COM DEV Achievement Award and Asia Pacific Microwave Conference Prize in 2008 and 2012, respectively.