Facilities & Equipment

CIARS consists of four interconnected indoor laboratories, one outdoor lab, and a highly advanced computational facility:

Electromagnetic Radiation Lab (ERL):

  • Frequency Range: 500 MHz to 1.1THz
  • Planar/Cylindrical/Spherical Near-Field Systems,
      Far-Field System, EMC-EMI Test

  • Location: E5-1018

RF/Microwave, Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter-Wave System Lab:

  • Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 1.1THz
  • 4-port PNAX-based Network analysis, PSA
      spectrum/signal analysis, programmable signal
      generator, noise figure characterization,
      on-chip/off-chip wafer probing, on-chip antenna
      pattern measurement

  • Location: E5-4028 & 4031


Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL):

  • Laser-based planar circuit/antenna fabrication,
      high precision circuit printing on flexible substrate,
      multi-layer circuit and planar antenna array
      fabrication using milling machine, high precision
      miniaturized circuit and micro-system assembly

  • Location: E5-4001


THz-Photonics Lab:

  • Frequency Range: GHz to THz
CW /pulse THz signal generation/characterization

      using in-house photo-mixing system,
      wide-band/narrow-band THz spectroscopy and
      imaging, quasi-optical BWO characterization setup

  • Location: E5-4034


On-Chip Lab:

Frequency Range: GHz to THz.

Location: E5-4034


Vehicular Mobile Radio Network Lab and Outdoor Test Road Track:

  • Car-to-car/car-to-roadside radio network
      measurement, realistic Intelligent Transportation
      System (ITS) simulation and test, vehicular sensor
      network characterization, simulation and test of
      electronic toll plaza vehicle tracking/identification
      using advanced intelligent antenna/radio systems

  • Location: off–campus


High Performance Computational Facility:

  • Advanced multi-core parallel computing platform,
      all main stream software packages, in-house
      computational EM software tools